Once upon a time…

Dignity for all beings. I hold a dream of a place with a deeply nurturing, caring and encompassing environment where animals and people are meeting in a natural setting of a very safe space.

This serene space, full of life, beauty, and a deep sense of connection with oneself and the environment, invites join in the endless rhythm of time. One can feel the gentle winds caressing your skin, vibrant plants brightening your being, and the warmth of the radiant sun sustaining your inner fire and kissing the waters of life within you.

This place is called Soul Meadows, the “Seelenort” (Seelenort = The place where the soul lives) for people and animals to joyfully explore and celebrate life together on a level playing field. You welcome the beautiful elementals, listen to them and even play with them.

Connecting with Soul Meadows increases your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing with the pure love that it offers. Carry this love with you and share it with the world.

Soul Meadows’s physical location is here in Western Australia, where we feel grateful to inhabit a stunning, wild piece of nature that provides us with everything we need. We have abundant water, open fields, granite outlooks, and bush that nourish us and fill our hearts with joy.

My intention is to honour the power of our dreams and use it to regenerate our planet and cultivate new possibilities. We dream of creating a world where nature can fully align with its inherent integrity, and where humans can align with nature’s principles to bring the fullness of life back to future generations and all beings live in dignity.

My heart is set on living in harmony with nature, causing no harm, and creating a space where people can return to themselves with the help of this special piece of nature.

My name is Petra, I am the initiator and creator of this project, and I am seeking help to ground this project in the physical (Coniungens caelum et terram). I am looking for the land dreamt about (see description above) to give Soul Meadows a physical home.

If you feel inspired, please send me an email so we can initiate a conversation.