Until man can experience on the mental level that which exists on the physical level, he will be bound to the physical.

The only true healing on the physical body takes place when a change of consciousness occurs.

For a change of consciousness to occur, it is necessary to visualize the thoughts (sensory-experience), feelings (emotions), and word-pattern (verbal and internal), on the mental level, that they may be re-experienced and released as a pattern of energy, thus freeing one’s self of the continuation of suppressed thoughts, feelings, and words, that the outer manifestation of disease may be released and that the perfect pattern of DNA may then be manifest.

An understanding of the above law must be understood and applied that you may free yourself of bondage of your own creation.

All body balancing techniques which do not embody the above information are temporary in their effects at best and do not bring about true healing. To move beyond mere balancing and into actual re-generation, we must effect a change of consciousness.

The source of all disease (which is, after all, our own inner creative essence of thought feeling and word) must be re-experienced on the mental level that the physical bondage via our self-imposed reactive mechanisms may then drop away.

Such is the path to ascension.

Author: John Whitman Ray, N.D, N.M.D